Facebook + Journalism 101

Facebook and JournalismI know I haven’t come along yet with the fifth and final installment of the Twitter series yet, but I came across this document tonight and thought it was too good to not post right away.

Vadim Lavrusik is an adjunct journalism instructor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also works with Facebook to teach journalists how they can put the social network to good use in their reporting.

The document embedded below is one that Lavrusik put together to help journalism instructors integrate Facebook into their curriculums, but it also offers a bevy of tips and ideas for how to make Facebook into yet another tool for your reporter’s toolbox.

Lavrusik describes it thus:

I’ve included some key aspects of Facebook that can be used by journalists in their reporting, as well as examples of assignments that can help familiarize students with Facebook as a reporting tool.