The BBC Guide to Good Shooting

I was able to to go through one of the BBC’s excel­lent tutorial/training courses online, the “Guide to Good Shooting.” I rec­om­mend the course because it pro­vides inter­ac­tive exer­cises to help you fig­ure out some of the specifics of set­ting up good video shots and pro­vides dia­grams to help explain some of the­o­ries behind light­ing and composition.

Some high­lights:

  • Like with every­thing else I’ve read so far, the empha­sis is on plan­ning, on know­ing what you’re get­ting into before you start film­ing or recording.
  • The course empha­sizes the impor­tance of hav­ing a check­list and get­ting all the shots you came for — but it also advises that you keep an open mind and adapt your plan when you notice the story changing.
  • The course goes through tuto­ri­als on focus­ing, com­pos­ing shots, cap­tur­ing move­ment, set­ting up inter­views, adjust­ing white bal­ance and lighting.

Originally published on another of my blogs on May 1, 2009


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